Dragees, Toppings & Cereals

Omnia supplies dragees, toppings and cereals
to the international food industry.

Omnia offers a standard assortment of more than 500 items. Additionally, we regularly develop bespoke product solutions for individual customers and applications. Our processes are subject to highest quality standards and the principles of all relevant international certifications. Innovative packaging concepts and highly efficient logistic solutions guarantee safe and fast deliveries.

years of experience
global supply chain


Our company refines dairy products, ice cream, biscuits, chocolates and more. Our customers benefit from improved appearance and taste in their products, thus creating competitive advantages.


Our extensive and diverse assortment offers endless possibilities.


Distinction of products through bespoke developments.


Innovative packaging ideas and fast execution of customer demands.


Highly efficient logistic solutions for international deliveries.


With around 500 Omnia core products, we guarantee our customers a multitude of creative combination options. Our ingredients are used in dairy products, ice cream and baked goods or simply enjoyed as a small snack.

Chocolate Lentils

Chocolate lentils are all about colorful
upgrades for sweet products. Applied
in ice cream, dairy products, chocolate,
biscuits or top cups, they enchant target
groups. By varying chocolate recipes
and coating, chocolate lentils are adaptable
to fit any sweet consumer product.

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Extruded items can be found
in mueslis, bars, chocolates,
dairy products, to name just a
few. They add crunch and volume.
By using individual shapes,
colours and tastes, extrudates
blend perfectly into
their designated application.

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Coated Extrudates

Coated extrudates seduce with
a crunchy core and tender
coating. The interaction of core
and coating multiplies the possibilities
of individualisation.

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Sugar Decorations

Sugar decorations are commonly used
to refine ice cream and bakery products.
Items can be individually adapted to perfectly
meet the demand of seasonal items
i.e. Christmas, Valentine’s Day or Easter.

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Chocolate Decorations

Ranging amongst of the most popular
foods, chocolate substantially increases
the attractivity of an item to consumers.
Bespoke shapes and colors allow
the individualisation of many products.

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Biscuits find their application
mostly in ice cream and dairy
products. By varying shapes
and recipes, the possibilities for
new product ideas are endless.

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Individual Packaging

In many cases, it is the packaging that sells a
product to the target group. Therefore we offer
individual packaging solutions for all our products. We provide innovative packaging solutions for
various kinds of applications. All our packagings
feature maximum product safety and durability.


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